Our highly skilled private bankers and advisers are on hand to provide specialised solutions covering the below array of services. We offer a more discrete personal service with refinement, whilst accurately listening to our clients goals and wealth structuring objectives.
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EAI Bank via its relationship with various prime international banks across a variety of continents, can offer our exclusive and private clients both personal and corporate account’s tailored to suit their requirements.

For more information please send an email to and request for the relevant KYC (Know your client) documentation necessary for this process.

Global Markets

The financial markets play and integral part in a country’s economic growth, and that is what drives our global markets division. Our global markets experts help service and work alongside, corporates, governments, hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity funds and pension funds and other financial institutions all over the world, to deliver products and service that meet our client’s needs.
With the ability to work across all continents around the world, we are an essential partner to your success, our global markets division covers the following: -

  • Securitisation
  • Credit Trading
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Foreign Exchange / Money Markets
  • Commodity Markets
  • Treasury Service and Products
International Trade Banking

From developed to emerging and frontier markets, EAI bank can offer a variety of Trade and commodity finance products, to suit your business demands, these solutions cover: -

  • Supply chain finance
  • Financial and Commercial guarantees, including and not limiting documentary collections
  • Forfaiting and reverse forfaiting
  • Discounting and refinancing of documentary Credits

EAI Bank offers both advisory services can supply trade finance products from their relationship banks.

Investment Banking

Our firm’s investment banking division success is built up over many years where we have advised and planned with the creation of capital for companies, governments and other entities in various sectors.
With unique knowledge and a global reach into the investment banking market, we can tailor solutions to our clients with their diversified financial requirements whilst managing their financial aspects for their projects.

Our Investment banking division, covers the following areas: -'
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Capital raising
  • Risk Management expertise
  • Structural lending
Structured Finance

With structured finance having become a significant and important place in the financial industry, our firm understands the specific and complex needs that traditional lending and financial instruments do not offer clients, these areas include: -

  • Securitisation and collateralised debt instruments
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Collateralised bond obligations (CBO’s)
  • Collateralised debt obligations (CDO’s)

Whether it’s the financing of projects or even an increase in short term liquidity, EAI Bank’s structured finance specialists are dedicated to place and advise on pioneering and bespoke solutions for your capital requirements.

Private Banking

We believe in the upmost discretion and high-level client service, our private banking specialists follow these elements and are here to advise, assist with the most sophisticated solutions for both your business and personal financial circumstances.
With EAI Bank holding solid and long-term relationships at the highest level with our partnered international banks, we can offer our clients very specialized solutions in the private banking sector: -

  • Various types of bank accounts
  • Custom designed investment advice and solutions
  • Lending
  • Specialised Credit strategies and services

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